About Us

At Cozy Tree, we are driven by our desire to meet your needs and our love of natural materials. Our goal is to translate a tree’s natural beauty into pieces that bring joy for generations. Modern consumption habits imply that everything is disposable, but we can resist that culture.
Trees are the longest living organisms on earth, and well-made wooden furniture is timeless. Our furniture is fully customizable; your Cozy Tree piece will be one-of-a-kind.

The furniture of a room has a huge effect on how you feel spending time there. Our name, Cozy Tree, is inspired by the warmth and natural beauty of wood that we want our pieces to bring.
Coziness goes beyond mere comfort to something even more.

Cozy Tree is about quality, connection, and character. Our family started this project out of a sincere love of creation, not to make a quick buck.

You can be sure that we’ll take our time and make your piece as perfect as possible. When you love what you do, it shows in the results!

Success to us means turning our customers’ vision into something tangible and timeless.

They made me a beautiful live edge night stand. Amazing quality and very professional services. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for custom furniture.


Danielle Mascioni

Our Story

Cozy Tree is a family endeavor, borne from a family experience.
In 2017, Fred Mascioni removed a stunning walnut tree from his property. Rather than trash the timber, he invested in an Alaskan chainsaw mill and cut the tree into lumber to build a bench for his wife, Kathy.
They were delighted with the results and how cozy it made their home feel.

From there, they began to make more pieces together, encouraged by the excitement of their friends and family.

Having refined their skills and fallen in love with the fabrication process, they created Cozy Tree to serve their local community with custom wooden furniture.

Cozy Tree began with a bench, but they can craft all kinds of furniture.
It costs nothing to get in touch and have a conversation about your ideas.

Our Philosophy

We provide an alternative to the standard, one-size-fits-all pieces you can find in retail outlets. Our handcrafted furniture is real, solid, accessible, and affordable. 

We offer the opportunity to enjoy locally-made pieces of the highest standard.

In practical terms, we’re crafting furniture; however, we’re also creating a feeling. That’s the feedback we’ve received at Cozy Tree! Our pieces are a source of comfort and inspiration to the people that purchase them, and that’s incredibly rewarding for us. Although the modern world encourages us to opt for the instant, many of us still value artisanship and a more personal touch.

Let us know how we can apply our skills to bring your idea to life.

Our Approach

We consider our work to be a collaboration: you bring the vision for us to apply our skills. If you need to refine exactly what you’re looking for, we are happy to help! While designing, we’ll discuss how the item will be used so it fits your lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve seen some pictures that inspired you or you want to alter a popular design. Or maybe you just want something very simple and inexpensive but made of real, solid, wood. 

Furnishing your home can and should be a pleasurable experience.

We understand that convenience is important, too. That’s why we’ll deliver your piece directly—from our family to yours.

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